Wales Gene Park Annual Report 2016- 2017

annual report 2The Wales Gene Park Annual Report 2016- 2017 is now available here

The report shows how Wales Gene Park has evolved and adapted to make the very most in Wales of the opportunities presented by genomics. A major part of what the Wales Gene Park does is to make genomic technologies available to biomedical researchers in Wales. This year we have undertaken work on thirty five genomic projects and trebled our output of DNA sequencing for researchers. We have supported external research grants bringing over £3M to Wales. But our work goes far beyond this. We create a seamless interface with the NHS, accelerating the appropriate development of new services in genomic medicine for patients. We involve patients and the public in the planning and execution of research and in service and policy development through an extensive programme of engagement. We promote understanding of the opportunities and challenges raised by genomics among health professionals, schools and colleges and the public through a wide portfolio of education activities. We are receptive to ideas, questions and comments. To get in touch please email:

Mae’r fersiwn Gymraeg yr adroddiad blynyddol ar gael yma/The Welsh version of the annual report can be found here


Genetics & Mental Health: what do we know?

As part of Cardiff University School of Medicine’s Science in Health Public Lecture Series we are holding a free public talk to mark World Mental Health Day

Genetics & Mental Health: what do we know?  Dr Annie Procter, Consultant Geneticist & Director of the Mental Health Clinical Board, Cardiff and Vale University Health Board

Thursday 12th October 2017, 7pm, Large Chemistry Lecture Theatre, Cardiff University

The factors which influence mental health and wellbeing at any stage of life are many and varied.  These factors can interact in highly complex ways that can vary from day to day and can have a greater or lesser impact at different times during an individual’s lifetime.  As we learn more about our genome and how it functions, we are gaining greater insights into the influence of genetics on mental and physical health.  This lecture will explore some of the insights we have gained into the role genetics can play in mental wellbeing and the mental health challenges this can present to those affected and their families and carers.

FREE to attend, no booking required.

For further details contact or or visit

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Schools’ Screening of GATTACA with Genetics Talk

Wales Gene Park and Into Film present a free, unique schools’ screening of the film GATTACA at The Vue Swansea, York Street, Swansea, SA1 3LZ

Tuesday 14th November 2017, 11am to 1pm

As part of the Into Film Festival 2017, join us for a screening of the thought-provoking and visually impressive sci-fi thriller GATTACA, about a world in which mass genetic engineering leads to inequality. The film will be followed by a short talk from Dr Anita Shaw about some of the issues raised in the film.

Spaces will be allocated on a first come, first served basis. Recommended age group 16+

Book via the Info Film website


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Rare Disease Patient Network Annual Meeting

18th October 2017, Park Inn, Cardiff City Centre, 9.45am-2.45pm

Join us for our third annual Rare Disease Patient Network meeting. Hear talks from expert speakers on the latest advances in the field of rare diseases. There will also be time for discussion and questions with our experts and opportunities for networking. The full agenda will be circulated in due course.

Lunch and refreshments provided

This event is FREE but you must register to attend via Eventbrite

For further information email or phone 02920 746940


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The Psychiatry of Huntington’s Disease

Friday 10th November 2017, Park Inn, Cardiff City Centre, 9.30am – 4pm

The objectives of this meeting are to give mental health professionals and psychiatrists confidence in recognising and managing the commoner symptoms encountered in HD, and to know when to refer on for a further opinion. Subjects covered will include recognising when someone may have HD when they present with psychiatric symptoms only, what is treatable, and what is not and also look at current and novel approaches to the treatment of psychiatric symptoms in HD.

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Topics include:

  • Mental health problems encountered in Huntington’s disease
  • Predictive testing in Huntington’s disease
  • Pharmacological management of psychiatric problems in Huntington’s disease
  • Neurobiology of Huntington’s disease
  • Diagnosis & management of cognitive decline and other symptoms in HD

Meeting programme available here

The meeting will be suitable for Psychiatrists, GPs, Mental Health Professionals and those involved in managing patients with HD. CPD Approval applied for.

Registration form available here

Meeting supported by Fieldbay


For further information, please email

Polyposis Meeting and Research Update

27th September 2017, Park Inn Hotel, Cardiff City Centre

This meeting will bring together gastroenterologists, pathologists, clinical geneticists, surgeons, paediatricians researchers, genetic counsellors and trainees from these specialties. The event is designed to provide updates across the specialties on the field of inherited polyposis syndromes. The event will also be an opportunity to hear about current research in Wales and to discuss relevant case studies that attendees are encouraged to prepare for the meeting.

Topics covered include:

  • Clinical aspects of polyposis
  • Genetics of polyposis syndromes
  • Upper GI surveillance
  • GI surgery perspectives
  • Update on Serrated Polyposis Syndrome

There will also be a panel discussion of case studies.

Registration will be at 9.30am, with a 10.00am start to the programme and the day will end at 4.00pm.

The full programme can be viewed here

Places are limited – first come first served!

For further information please email:

The meeting is being supported by Bowel Cancer West

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3G public genetics conference – North Wales

24th October 2017, Catrin Finch Centre, Wrexham, 10am-2pm

Like to find out more about the fascinating field of DNA, genetics and genomics and discover how it affects our everyday lives?

Join us for the 2nd Wales Gene Park 3G conference in North Wales! The event is aimed at members of the public over 50, but everyone is welcome!

Featured talks:

  • The ABC of DNA (Dr Sue Assinder, Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine)
  • Feeding and Healing the World through Plant Genetic Technologies (Dr Geraint Parry, GARNet, Cardiff University)
  • DNA Analysis in Forensic Science (Dr Amy Rattenbury, Glyndwr University)
  • The 100,000 Genomes project and the Future of Healthcare (Lisa Dowell, North West Coast NHS Genomic Medicine Centre)
  • Bowel Cancer in Wales: challenges and opportunities (Dr Lee Campbell, Cancer Research Wales)

Join us for the whole event or drop in for any of the talks (5 minute break between talks to drop-in or out). There will also be interactive stands showcasing some of the latest research and projects in Wales.  Refreshments and lunch provided.

Attendance is FREE. Registration required via Eventbrite:

Further information: email or phone 02920 746940

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Public Screening of GATTACA with Genetics Talk

17th November 2017, The Savoy Theatre, Monmouth, 10am-1pm

Wales Gene Park invites you to a free, unique public screening of the film GATTACA at The Savoy Theatre, Monmouth

GATTACA presents a future in which children are genetically designed to ensure that they possess the best hereditary traits of their parents. But, what about the science behind this?

To find out more, join us for a screening followed by a short talk about some of the issues raised in the film.

Attendance is FREE. Registration required via Eventbrite:

Spaces allocated on a first come, first served basis.

For more information email or phone  02920 746940

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New Genetics Modules at Cardiff University

Genetics modules for non-genetics health professionals

Genetics and genomics are an integral part of our healthcare service and our range of genetics modules will enhance your skills, knowledge and insight in the growing sector of genetic healthcare.

Each of the 3 Masters-level modules can be studied as a 20 credit or 30 credit module and provides a practical and theoretical foundation in genetics for those working in clinical healthcare. The modules are:

  • Practical Skills in Genetic Healthcare: 20 credits (Oct & Nov 2017 – face-to-face in Cardiff and online)
  • Practical Skills in Genetic Healthcare: 30 credits (Oct & Nov 2017 – face-to-face in Cardiff and online)
  • Genetic Science for Health Professionals: 20 credits (Jan & Feb 2018 – online)
  • Genetic Science for Health Professionals: 30 credits (Jan & Feb 2018 – online)
  • Counselling Skills in Genetic Healthcare: 20 credits (May 2018 – face-to-face in Cardiff)
  • Counselling Skills in Genetic Healthcare: 30 credits (May 2018 – face-to-face in Cardiff)

For full details of the modules, including entry requirements and how to apply please visit the Cardiff University website



Sequencing for Science and Impact

A College of Biomedical and Life Sciences Next Generation Sequencing Showcase

15th September 2017, 09:00-14:00, Cardiff University: venue to be confirmed

The College of Biomedical and Life Sciences (CBLS) at Cardiff University contains a vibrant community of researchers using next-generation and 3rd-generation DNA sequencing technologies (NGS and 3rdGS) to tackle cutting-edge projects ranging from ecology to medical diagnostics. Necessarily, our sequencing platforms and labs are spread across campuses, but this sometimes makes communication and collaboration difficult. Open to all in CBLS to attend, this half-day event aims to bring our community together to showcase and share the breadth of our technical expertise and science.

The meeting will consist of a series of 10 minute talks from groups using NGS and 3rdGS technologies. Presentations will follow a common format, which will cover: the technology being used, the research findings and the impact of the work. Each abstract and presentation should include the following sub-sections:

  • A short description of a core sequencing/genomics workflow in which a group specialises
  • A brief description of the sequencer platforms used
  • Highlights of a significant research result or impact derived from the work

This format will allow the user community to appreciate the depth and breadth of the fantastic science that we produce using sequencing technologies, and identify areas of expertise across the College, thus promoting collaboration and support. The organisers will include as many presentations as possible. If we are oversubscribed, we will timetable presentations covering the widest selection of methodology and subject areas and will offer poster space to any groups not selected. Lunch and refreshments provided.

This event is free to attend but please register via Eventbrite:

Abstracts (structured to include the 3 sub-sections above and no more than 200 words in length) should be submitted to by 1st September 2017

This event is supported by Cardiff University College of Biomedical and Life Sciences and New England BioLabs Inc.

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