Work Packages

Wales Gene Park exists to put Wales at the forefront of genetics and genomics research and as well as educate, inform and empower both health professionals and the public.

Genomic Editing and Transgenics

We support genetics researcher in Wales and elsewhere with genome editing and transgenic technologies combined with the production and use of the resulting pre-clinical models of rare and common diseases.


One of our microinjection rigs allowing precise micromanipulation of transgenic material.

Transgenics (making changes to the genetic material by introducing a “transgene”) enables the generation of models of diseases such as inherited disease and cancer. We provide support for researchers requiring ES cell derivation and genome editing techniques, such as the CRISPR genome editing technology, to produce novel genetically modified (GM) models.

Utilising our pre-clinical models of kidney cancer whilst working in collaboration with numerous pharmaceutical companies, we have enabled preclinical trials involving both new drugs and re-profiling of drugs and drug combinations to target novel therapeutic targets that offer the prospect of improved treatments.


Genomic Facility

We provide access to competitive and flexible Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) for researchers in Wales together with expert bioinformatic support.


We use cutting-edge Next Generation Sequencing technology to investigate the genetic cause of disease.

Through providing access to these technologies, WGP can help improve the quality and quantity of genomic research that is undertaken in Wales, whilst ensuring that a greater proportion of externally awarded research funding is spent in Wales, helping to attract and retain skilled personnel.

The genomics facility also works to ensure the effective translation of new technologies to NHS diagnostic services, including the identification and analysis of germline and somatic mutations. This work package also supports innovation by contributing to collaborations with the pharma and biotech sectors.


Engagement and Education


From Cheek to Court: one of our many public engagement events.

We educate, inform and empower both health professionals and the public. Through our work we facilitate knowledge transfer to the NHS, providing genetics education and training, and to the commercial sector, through encouraging the commercialisation and innovation of biomedical research.