25 & 26 April 2013.

The Impact of Genomics on Public Health

This event, which will give an excellent overview of all developments in this area, will be very useful for staff working in public health, in planning and commissioning, for researchers and other health care professionals who want to better understand genomic developments and those who need a good overview to keep up-to-date with this rapidly changing field.

Distinguished national and international experts will cover recent advances in genetics and genomic medicine such as:

  • recent advances in laboratory genetic technology
  • genomics in health care and main stream medicine
  • cancer genetics and personalised medicine
  • risk stratification, screening and personalised prevention
  • pharmacogenetics
  • the use of the genome as tool for epidemiologists
  • epigenetics and public health
  • genomics and bacterial pathogens
  • genetic risk and health behaviour
  • ethical, legal and social aspects of public health genomics
  • twin research and common complex disorders
  • the impact of genomics on national and international policy

Further information from Angela Burgess, Education Project Manager, BurgessAM@Cardiff.ac.uk.