Friday 10th November 2017, Park Inn, Cardiff City Centre, 9.30am – 4pm

The objectives of this meeting are to give mental health professionals and psychiatrists confidence in recognising and managing the commoner symptoms encountered in HD, and to know when to refer on for a further opinion. Subjects covered will include recognising when someone may have HD when they present with psychiatric symptoms only, what is treatable, and what is not and also look at current and novel approaches to the treatment of psychiatric symptoms in HD.

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Topics include:

  • Mental health problems encountered in Huntington’s disease
  • Predictive testing in Huntington’s disease
  • Pharmacological management of psychiatric problems in Huntington’s disease
  • Neurobiology of Huntington’s disease
  • Diagnosis & management of cognitive decline and other symptoms in HD

Meeting programme available here

The meeting will be suitable for Psychiatrists, GPs, Mental Health Professionals and those involved in managing patients with HD. CPD Approval applied for.

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