In autumn 2018, Angela Burgess and Rhian Morgan, from Wales Gene Park’s Education and Engagement team, became grant holders for a European Cooperation in Science and Technology (COST) project on brain malformations called Neuro-MIG. COST provides funding for the creation of research networks which aim to bring together scientists from academia, industry and the public and private sector from across Europe (and beyond) to advance research and innovation.

Specifically, Neuro-MIG is a European reference network on brain malformations. The network includes clinicians, neurogeneticists, pathologists, molecular/cell biologists, and neuroscientists working on all aspects of Malformations of Cortical Development (MCD). Genetic diagnosis and management of brain malformations are challenging and expertise is fragmented. The Neuro-MIG consortium brings together clinicians and researchers to create the first interdisciplinary pan-European Network, advancing the understanding of MCD pathophysiology and translating knowledge to improve the diagnostic and clinical management. The network is comprised of five Working Groups, each focused on tackling different areas of MCD classification, pathogenesis, investigation and research. Working Group 4, which focuses on ICT Solutions and Dissemination, is led by Dr Andrew Fry (Institute of Medical Genetics, Cardiff University).

Since becoming grant holders, Angela and Rhian have facilitated a working group meeting in Lisbon in September, a training school in Serbia in December, and are currently organising a conference which will take place in Israel in March 2019.