This Zoom event will be held on Thursday, 16th July 2020 from 2 to 5:30pm and is open to all research and healthcare colleagues with an interest in AI and medical big data. The event will cover various aspects of AI and data integration, including strategies for dealing with big data sets from multiple data controllers; handling multiple data types; privacy by design architectures; edge computing; and the use of AI-software. Throughout, the workshop will include opportunities to discuss how we can better work together to handle medical big data and exploit AI. The event will close with a debate on how best we can exploit AI and data integration for mutual benefit here in Cardiff.


Why a workshop?

How do we unlock the potential of AI to deliver research and healthcare benefit? How do we embrace new ways of integrating medical data and bring AI to those data? And how can we ensure the medical data-sets we work on are properly protected and data privacy is maintained? Across disciplines, a concerted effort is now underway in Wales, to address these issues. This workshop is part of that effort.

Who will be participating?

The workshop is a collaborative venture between researchers and healthcare professionals drawing on expertise from Supercomputing Wales and Atos, a European leader in Cloud, Big Data and HighPerformance Computing, with expertise in AI technologies. Led by Wales Gene Park, in conjunction with Wales Cancer Research Centre and the Division of Cancer and Genetics, the workshop aims to bring together research and healthcare colleagues with a shared interest in data integration and AI applications. Although our primary focus is on cancer and rare genetic disease research, we recognise the need to work with colleagues across disciplines to develop a shared data integration strategy for Wales. This workshop is open to any colleague interested in these areas and keen to collaborate.

Desired workshop outputs

We recognise to better exploit medical big data we need to be developing a federated strategy that requires working with partners through the application of data standards, frameworks, data security protocols and governance processes. This in turn requires staff with the requisite skillsets. With these in mind, our workshop will be focusing on:

• How to unlock the potential of AI in Precision Medicine • Identifying the gaps that currently hinder the adoption of AI technologies: considerations and constraints/risk and issues • Creating a shared Federated Learning Platform vision • Enabling capabilities, skills and resources • Planning for the future.


Remote Zoom session.


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