Harnessing Genetics and Genomics to advance Research, Healthcare, Education and Innovation

As a Health and Care Research Wales funded Infrastructure Support Group, Wales Gene Park aims to support the implementation of the Welsh Government’s Genomics for Precision Medicine Strategy by:

  • Promoting and facilitating high quality genetic and genomic health research in Wales.
  • Ensuring seamless translation of advances in genetics and genomics to improve NHS services and for commercialisation.
  • Ensuring the informed involvement of patients, public and professionals in the development of genomic medicine in Wales.


Visualising complex genomic rearrangements is key to advancing genetic knowledge.

Visualising complex genomic rearrangements is key to advancing genetic knowledge.

Genetics is integral to many areas of modern medicine. Genetic knowledge & technologies, and their application, now underpin the understanding, diagnosis and increasingly the treatment of disease. Wales Gene Park is a key organisation supporting this area of work in Wales.

We support medical genetic research and its application in healthcare in priority areas identified by the Welsh Government.


Supporting genetic research with state-of-the-art facilities

We support genetics researchers in Wales and elsewhere through access to our state-of-the-art genomics and transgenics facilities, and the expertise and experience that underpin these resources.


Illumina HiSeq 2500 – A production scale genome, exome and transcriptome sequencer.


Supporting research in key healthcare areas

We bring together expertise in genetics in Wales and seek to ensure that the many opportunities presented by new genetic knowledge and technologies are realised.

Wherever possible, we link with and support research undertaken within the Health and Care Research Wales network. We also work closely with All Wales Medical Genetics Service (AWMGS) laboratory and bioinformatics to support the development and improvement of NHS services.

Investigating kidney tumours caused by Tuberous Sclerosis.

Investigating kidney tumours caused by Tuberous Sclerosis.




Educating and Engaging

We have an extensive and ongoing programme of education and engagement for health and science professionals and the public. Through our work we facilitate knowledge transfer to the NHS, providing genetics education and training, and to the commercial sector, through commercialisation and innovation in biomedical research.

Public talk on Genomic Medicine in Wales

Informing young people

We educate the next generation by bringing young people at school and in college face to face with the issues and opportunities raised by genetics. We encourage young people to engage with the issues and to become the future scientists and health care providers in Wales.

Genomics Roadshow at Pembrokeshire College








Empowering patients and families

We support and empower patients and families affected by genetic conditions through Genetic Alliance UK, an umbrella organisation for patient organisations for rare and genetic conditions. We influence the development of heath services, health policies and the research agenda to ensure that the priorities of patients and families are recognised.

Latifah Charles, speaking on her personal experiences of sickle cell at the Rare Disease Day Senedd Reception


Encouraging commercialisation and innovation

We work closely with the Research and Commercial Division, Cardiff University and the Department for Enterprise, Innovations and Networks within the Welsh Government to exploit novel technologies and inventions generated by Wales Gene Park.


WGP Strategic Objectives are:

  • To develop and provide expertise and infrastructure that will help Wales to compete at the forefront of genetics and genomics research in its areas of priority and strength, in particular by supporting HCRW funded research activities and programmes
  • To drive the development of genomic medicine in Wales, focusing particularly on translational genetic research in common and rare disorders in which Wales has research strength
  • To help develop capability for Wales to undertake genomic analysis at significant scale and support the linkage of genomic information to clinical data and other relevant data sets
  • To support Welsh researchers through provision of conventional and novel applications of Next Generation Sequencing, transgenic and genome editing technologies, focussing on areas of research and clinical expertise and patient need in Wales
  • To provide leadership in rare genetic disease research by helping those involved in this area to set priorities by engaging patients and families and promoting research collaboration using existing Welsh Government, NHS and higher education institution mechanisms and by creating stronger links with industry
  • To enhance public and professional awareness and understanding of health-related genetic and genomic research and the opportunities and challenges this research brings.