Bioinformatics training on the Raspberry Pi

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Who is this for?

We have developed these training materials primarily for the students and post-docs in a lab which is thinking about using next generation sequencing, but have no experience with UNIX or the analysis tools that are used with this type of data.  We have chosen the Raspberry Pi as a UNIX platform as it is a very cheap way of giving researchers pre-configured computing environment separate to their day-to-day computer which can be played about with and broken with no risk to any mission critical work.

What will you learn?

We hope that after working through our training program, you will have:

  • Some confidence in command line programming.
  • A basic understanding of the UNIX platform and why it is used for NGS analysis.
  • Experience of some UNIX commands and what these can be used for.
  • Knowledge of editing files from the command line.
  • The knowledge of the stages in a basic NGS analysis from mapping reads to a reference genome through to identification of variants within a sample.

What do I need?

Training materials