Brand Guidelines

The new brand guidelines and accompanying materials can be downloaded from here:



The image files are provided in four different formats:

  • .ai – Adobe Illustrator format (vector)
  • .eps – Encapsulated Postscript format (vector)
  • .png – Bitmap image with transparent background
  • .jpeg – Bitmap image

The fonts are provided in Truetype Font (ttf) format


Brand guidelines

  • In .pdf format

10th Anniversary Logo

  • In .ai, .eps and .png format


  • PT sans
  • Giovanni Book (the logo font)


  • New logo
  • New logo (black on white)
  • New logo (grey on black)
  • New logo (on black for dark backgrounds)
  • Dragon
  • Dragon (black on white)
  • Dragon (grey on black)

Partner logos

  • In .ai, .eps and .png format


  • 2013 conference folder
  • Background slide used at 10th anniversary
  • WGP powerpoint slide
  • WGP powerpoint slide (large)
  • WGP powerpoint slide (x-large)
  • WGP Word letterhead template
  • WGP Word template