Every cloud…

Disease. It defines us. The common cold can make Monday mornings uncommonly grim. Cancer can harass us into victimhood or can hone us into heroes. Neuro-psychiatric disorders such as schizophrenia and bipolar affective disorder photoshop our perceptions, tinting and filtering how we see the world and ourselves, and how the world sees us

Wales Gene Park 10th Anniversary Event

Many thanks to all who joined us for our 10th Anniversary event at the Royal Welsh College of Music & Drama on Monday 15th April. We hope you’ll agree it was a great day celebrating scientific excellence in Wales. We’re aiming to make the speakers’ presentations available on-line in the near future along with photos… Read more »

Genetics Roadshow for Schools 2013

In 2013, schools around Wales will act as hosts for genetics events during the autumn term. During previous roadshows, speakers from the Universities of Cardiff, Swansea, Bangor, Aberystwyth, Glamorgan, Bristol, Bath and Glyndwr, NHS Trusts and Police Authorities across Wales as well as private companies took part. Topics included DNA & Forensics, Genetic Counselling, Stem… Read more »

Moore’s Law? Bingo!

There is a game played frequently at genome sequencing conferences that helps to sustain many a flagging attendee. It’s called Moore’s Law Bingo and the rules, if they exist at all, can be summarised as follows. Every time a delegate references Moore’s Law, say by presenting a plot of plummeting sequencing costs or by making… Read more »

The Impact of Genomics on Public Health

25 & 26 April 2013. The Impact of Genomics on Public Health This event, which will give an excellent overview of all developments in this area, will be very useful for staff working in public health, in planning and commissioning, for researchers and other health care professionals who want to better understand genomic developments and… Read more »

Neurofibromatoses and Rasopathies

30 September & 1 October 2013. Recent Developments in Neurofibromatoses and Rasopathies: their management, diagnosis and current and future therapeutic avenues This international meeting will provide a most comprehensive and up to date account of recent developments in this field. Internationally recognized experts from the UK, Europe and the USA will speak on neurofibromatoses and… Read more »

Teachers’ Genetics Network

Established in 2006, the Teachers’ Genetics Network is aimed at biology teachers wishing to be kept up-to-date with the latest genetics and genomics information. Free to join, members receive a termly e-newsletter with information on relevant topics, links to educational websites and resources and news about Wales Gene Park events (such as the Sixth Form… Read more »

Living with Genetic Conditions

Living with Genetic Conditions was piloted in Cardiff in 2006 and Swansea early in 2007 and is aimed at post-16 students. The event starts with a genetic counsellor discussing a genetic condition and then someone with personal experience of the condition gives their story. This is followed by an open discussion with the students. It… Read more »

Cancer Genetics

We focus on the discovery of new knowledge of the mechanisms that underlie tumour development and application of this knowledge to improve prevention, diagnosis and treatment of cancer. Our goal is to identify the genetic causes of tumour development and translate that research into medical practice. Our Team Dr Ming Shen, Package Lead Dr Jian… Read more »

Patients and Families

  We engage with patients and their families, bringing their priorities to the fore in genetic research, health policy and service development. What we do Wales Gene Park engages with charities, support groups and other voluntary bodies and helps to bring their priorities to researchers, policy-makers and those who develop and deliver services. Patient and… Read more »