Education and Public Engagement

We focus on enhancing the awareness and understanding of genetics, engaging with health and science professionals, schools, colleges, and the public.   Follow @WalesGenePark New genetic and genomic knowledge has profound implications for healthcare and society at large. Through our education and engagement activities the Wales Gene Park enhances the understanding of genetics and genomics… Read more »

Genome Editing and Transgenics

We support researchers throughout Wales and beyond with genome editing and transgenic technologies. Transgenics is a powerful biomedical tool for modeling genetic disease, understanding pathophysiology and assessing new treatments for significant diseases such as cancer, dementia and many others. Wales Gene Park supports the development of genome editing and transgenic technologies and the production and use of the… Read more »

Next Generation Sequencing

We provide bespoke sequencing and bioinformatic analysis to biomedical research scientists throughout Wales. High-throughput (Next Generation) sequencing is a new, rapidly developing technology, of fundamental importance to modern genetics research in general and biomedical research in particular. We provide high-throughput sequencing technology for genetic research in Wales and provide expert support and advice to encourage… Read more »

About Us

Harnessing Genetics and Genomics to advance Research, Healthcare, Education and Innovation Wales Gene Park is funded by the Welsh Government through Health and Care Research Wales. Hosted by the Division of Cancer and Genetics (DCG) at Cardiff University (CU) School of Medicine, Wales Gene Park supports and promotes genetic and genomic research across Wales, thereby… Read more »

Contact Us

Cancer and Genetics Building

General Enquiries   WalesGenePark@Cardiff.ac.uk   By Post   Wales Gene Park Henry Welcome Building Cardiff University, Heath Park CARDIFF, CF14 4XN Patients and Families Emma Hughes Policy and Engagement Manager emma@geneticalliance.org.uk 029 2074 8154 Education and Engagement Angela Burgess Education and Engagement Manager BurgessAM@Cardiff.ac.uk 029 2074 6940 Genomics and Bioinformatics   WalesGenePark@Cardiff.ac.uk   Social Media… Read more »