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We work with our fellow researchers to bring applied bioinformatics expertise to medical genomic ‘Big Data’ research projects.

Research that exploits genomic Big Data, such as that generated by high throughput sequencing, requires expertise to handle, process and explore the data. We provide that expertise. We collaborate with colleagues who work with the Wales Gene Park Genomic Facility to generate genomic big data for their research. We also collaborate with NISCHR-funded colleagues throughout Wales who outsource their sequencing requirements to third-party sequencing hubs.

Our goal is to ensure genomic Big Data is properly exploited by medical research in Wales.

We work by collaborating with medical genetic and genomic research colleagues. We provide hands-on data-handling expertise and knowledge, we teach colleagues, and we provide guidance on how best use this exciting technology. In short, we do, we teach, we advise.

1. Analysis

analysisWe work alongside colleagues to handle and analyse their data, providing hands-on expertise and access to our dedicated high performance computing infrastructure. This might involve a short piece of work requiring modest investment of time or a prolonged period of research requiring
that we embed in the collaborating group – effectively becoming part of their team. If we can add real value to a project and that project falls within our research remit then we will do our best to collaborate.

2. Teaching


We are keen to teach colleagues the bioinformatics techniques that will make them more self-sufficient at high-throughput sequencing data analysis. This can be through seminars, tutorials, workshops or, better still, one-to-one tuition. Our goal is to ensure the right skills are embedded in the right groups.

3. Advising


Bioinformatics matters most at the beginning of a research project: good experimental design is crucial from the start. And grant applications that rely on high throughput sequence data need to understand and be seen to understand bioinformatics. We advise and assist colleagues and where here to listen even if it’s only to act as a sounding board for colleagues ideas!


4. Resources


Our Team

  • Dr Kevin Ashelford, Bioinformatics Manager
  • Dr Peter Giles
  • Dr Marc Naven
  • Dr Anna Evans

Contact us

We are located within the Institute of Medical Genetics on the Cardiff University Heath

For enquiries, please contact Dr Kevin Ashelford at