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Golygu Genomau a Thrawsgeneg

We support researchers throughout Wales and beyond with genome editing and transgenic technologies. Transgenics is a powerful biomedical tool for modeling genetic disease, understanding pathophysiology and assessing new treatments for significant diseases such as cancer, dementia and many others. Wales Gene Park supports the development of genome editing and transgenic technologies and the production and use of the… Read more »

Dilyniannu Cenhedlaeth Nesaf

33We provide bespoke sequencing and bioinformatic analysis to biomedical research scientists throughout Wales. High-throughput (Next Generation) sequencing is a new, rapidly developing technology, of fundamental importance to modern genetics research in general and biomedical research in particular. We provide high-throughput sequencing technology for genetic research in Wales and provide expert support and advice to encourage… Read more »

Ymgysylltu â’r Cyhoedd ac Addysg

We focus on enhancing the awareness and understanding of genetics, engaging with health and science professionals, schools, colleges, and the public.   Follow @WalesGenePark New genetic knowledge has profound implications for healthcare and society at large. Through our education and engagement activities the Wales Gene Park enhances the understanding of genetics throughout Wales and further… Read more »

Cleifion a Theuluoedd

We engage with patients and their families, bringing their priorities to the fore in genetic research, health policy and service development. Advances in genetic research impact on us all. Raising awareness, consulting with the public and representing the views of those with genetic conditions is fundamental to the vision of the Wales Gene Park.  … Read more »

Parc Geneteg Cymru

Cancer and Genetics Building

Harneisio Geneteg a Genomeg i ddatblygu Ymchwil, Gofal Iechyd, Addysg ac Arloesedd.


We work with our fellow researchers to bring applied bioinformatics expertise to medical genomic ‘Big Data’ research projects. Research that exploits genomic Big Data, such as that generated by high throughput sequencing, requires expertise to handle, process and explore the data. We provide that expertise. We collaborate with colleagues who work with the Wales Gene… Read more »

Ein Pobl

4Mae Parc Geneteg Cymru yn dod ag arbenigedd ynghyd o feysydd ymchwil geneteg a genomeg, technoleg arloesol ac addysg ac ymgysylltu. Mae ein pobl wrth galon Parc Geneteg Cymru. Dyma’r tîm! Rheoli a Llywodraethu Professor Julian Sampson, Cyfarwyddwr Dr. Karen Reed, Rheolwr Gweithrediadau Pecyn Gwaith 1 – Golygu Genomeg a Thrawsgeneg Treialon Cyn-glinigol Trawsgeneg Dr…. Read more »