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UNIX commands

As we’ve previously pointed out, UNIX relies on your memory to recall which command you need to run to undertake a particular task.  However to the novice arrays of commands with names like cd, rm, ls, cp, wc or even cat and man provides absolutely no help to your memory recall.

Just like the evolution of text speak to aid the speed and ease of sending SMS messages, the sending the creators of UNIX were equally creative and lazy and reduced the names of their commands to the fewest numbers of letters, providing ultra-concise names for the most used commands.

In learning these key UNIX commands you may wish to not only learn the two or three character command name, but also the function it is trying to achieve, which will most certainly help in you remembering both the names and functions of these core functions.

For example:

If I want to alter the directory I am looking at,

I need to change directory,

Using the cd command.

If I want to get a summary of the number of words, lines and characters in a particular file,

I need a word count,

Which will use the wc command