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Uploading new datasets

Researchers working with Wales Gene Park will likely have their data uploaded for them into Genview2.

In the event that datasets are not visible within your account, these can be added as a new dataset, by first downloading the required normalised counts and differential gene expression files from your WGP Project page, then selecting the “Upload new dataset” button to access an upload web form.

These files can be downloaded for review from the “DGE Testing” section of your WGP Project – Differential Gene Expression page; where files sourced from “Normalised Counts” correspond to Genview2 “Data” and those sourced from “Table of results” correspond to Genview2 “Analysis” files.



Populate “Name” and “Description” fields as required. Then browse to, and open your downloaded “_DESeq2_normcounts.txt” (Data) and “_DESeq2_transcriptDEG_results.txt ” (Statistics) files, before saving.

A new listing will be displayed on your “Datasets” page.