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Creating Gene Ontology lists

The “Search Gene Ontology” web form appears as follows:


The form will be blank if accessed directly from the navigation bar menu option, else will be auto-populated if accessed from links within the Explore-Annotation table.


The search field accepts either a search term, or a gene ontology ID, for example “signaling” or “GO:0038061”.

Note: Search functionality is case insensitive, but does not use “Fuzzy matching”, so  “signalling” and “signalling”, for example, will return different results.


Hit “Search” to retrieve search results.



Upon retrieval, select “Create list” for ontologies of interest.


A green banner, indicating the successful creation of a list, will display above the search box.


Select “View” to open the newly created list of transcripts within the “Explore” screen, then select a transcript ID to generate bar plot and annotation etc.