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Customising your heatmaps

Genview2 incorporates various heatmap customisation tools including filters for sample, transcript and colour selection tools.


Selection of transcripts and samples by node


Default heatmap settings will generate an all sample, all transcript plot clustered by transcript expression level, but areas of the plot can highlighted by clicking to select dendrogram nodes of interest (red bars).


Zoom buttons allow heatmaps to be refreshed to display only highlighted transcripts nodes (rows) and samples (columns).

Zooming by row (transcript nodes):


Zooming by row (transcript nodes) and column (samples node):


Exclusion of transcripts and samples by node

Conversely, click-hold/ long click on nodes will remove those nodes from display, as per information accessed from icons:  or

Restore hidden nodes

Hidden nodes can be restored incrementally using the Unzoom button

Else, the heatmap can be fully expanded using the refresh button


Sample filter tool


The “Filter columns” tool provides a means of selecting or excluding samples from heatmaps that does not require the use of the “Cluster Samples” option for heatmap generation.


Click on sample names to either include or exclude as required, then “Update” to refresh the heatmap.