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Heatmap colours

By default, heatmaps are generated using the Green-Black-Red colour scheme, but other options are available:





Default Green-Black-Red (GrBKRd) colour scheme:


Blue-White-Red (BuWhRd) colour scheme



Blue-Yellow (BuYl) colour scheme



Additional colour settings can by accessed by clicking the colour scale (top left of the heatmap).


“Heatmap data colors” can be amended directly by replacing default “GrBKRd” acronym to one of choice, else from a pick list, accessed by clicking the colour scale icon:


Available colour schemes are as follows:

Heatmaps can be further customised by modifying default percentile value settings or by modifying “Heatmap colouring” settings from “Entire heatmap” to “By columns”.


Changes take effect on selecting “Redraw”:



Example: Modifying default percentile values:

From (Min 0, Middle 50, Max 100) to (Min 0, Middle 15, Max 30).




Example: Modifying “Heatmap colouring” from “Entire heatmap” to “By columns”