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Editing existing lists

Existing lists can be edited via tools accessible from the “Lists” web page.



Edit list metadata

List “Name” and “Description” can be amended as required via the “Edit” web form.

Make changes as required, then “Save” to update the record.

 Edit List contents

List contents can be reviewed, edited and exported from the “Edit list” web form.


Adding or appending transcript IDs to a list

Populate the “Add items:” with either transcript IDs else gene symbols, then hit “+ Add” to update your list.



All transcripts present in your dataset that correspond to items in your “Add items:” list will be returned in a table.



In the example above, 5 transcripts matching to TAC4 were found, but there were no matches to either TAC5 or TAC6 within our dataset.


Note: There is no validation to prevent the addition of duplicate transcript IDs to lists.


If no matches are found within your dataset, for example, if a synonym rather than a gene symbol is passed as an “Add items” search term, you may encounter a warning.


To escape, use either your browser back button, else select “Lists” to return to the “Lists” web page.


Should you wish to add no-match items to your list, you can bypass this issue by unchecking the “Convert/match IDs to those in data file” check box.


Deleting transcript IDs from a list


Transcript IDs can be selected individually, else collectively for deletion by manually checking the box to the left hand side of each relevant transcript ID, else by hitting the “Select All” button.


Select “Delete selected items”.


You will be prompted to confirm deletion.


An alert bar, confirming deletion, will be displayed above the updated list.

Note: Deletion of the contents of a list does not result in the removal of list metadata (Name and Description). To remove a list in its entirety, see below.