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Sharing datasets

Whilst datasets are owned by the user account under which they are created, and by default, ownership is restricted to this “parent” account, datasets can be made available to colleagues using Genview “Shared with:” functionality.


Sharing requires the creation of data sharing groups, which are administered by WGP.

Please contact WGP if shared access is required.


Once groups have been activated for your account, datasets can be shared via the “Group sharing” tool, accessed via the “Group” button, by checking the “Shared” box next to the appropriate group.



Saving changes will take you back to the “Datasets” web page, where “Shared with” column will contain a highlighted “Group” button.

Click on the “Nobody” button to revoke group access.



Group datasets that have been shared with your account will be displayed in a “Group datasets” table on the “Datasets” web page.