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Running an interactive job on Raven

When you log into Raven, you are landed on one of two special nodes which a provided as control nodes rather than compute nodes.  Raven then uses a special scripting language in order to request the number of compute required to run code and transfer these onto the other hardware to actually run any code.

To make life easier for a novice user (and a more expert one when they are in development mode), it is possible to run what is called an interactive session.  This uses the job scheduler to request resources from a workq and then present these to a user in the same was as you would normally run things from the command prompt.

To make life even easier, we have written a script which can call up an interactive session (defining the resources, queue and ARCCA project code automatically) with just a single command:


Running this command will look something like:

[username@raven12]$ /scratch/share_ngs/scripts/interactive
Starting an interactive session of 1 CPU for 1 hrs on serial
[username@raven111 ~]$

You’ll spot that having run the command our prompt has changed showing how we’ve moved from the login node (raven12), to a compute node (raven111).  From here we can then run our commands as on any UNIX terminal.