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Copying files to and from Raven

Windows Users

At the time of writing, there are limited options for getting data on and off the cluster. There are two obvious options, a GUI implementation of scp (secure copy) WinSCP (you’ll want the portable version which isn’t installed, but just runs):


The other option is the command line binary for pscp, which can be downloaded from:


Once downloaded, it can be run from any location you have write access to on your PC. We will assume, you’ve moved a copy of pscp to your Desktop, and are then accessing pscp from a command prompt (cmd) on your PC:

Top copy a file from your home directory on the cluster to your desktop:

cd c:\Users\user\Desktop
pscp user@ .

And to transfer a file from your PC desktop to a project results directory on the cluster:

cd c:\Users\user\Desktop
pscp file user@

Multiple files can be transferred using the wildcards common to many UNIX commands.