Dr. Iain Perry
Senior Bioinformatician

Iain's background includes a wide variety of research topics including genomics and transcriptomics of high altitude adaption, E-DNA analysis of water samples from Africa to the Arctic circle for Invertebrate, Fish, Algae and Bacteria. Working within the bioinformatics team Iain is keen on novel analysis approaches and the development and delivery of training in bioinformatics.

Dr. Benoit Lan-Leung
Senior Bioinformatician

Ben has led genomic, transcriptomic and methylomic research on wide variety of topics, including imprinting disorders and Alzheimer's disease. Although specialised in bioinformatics, Ben has spent several years doing wet lab experiments, which facilitate the understand  of the ins and outs of research projects. Leading the bioinformatic team at Wales Gene Park, Ben is also keen on novel analysis approaches, shallow machine learning and development of pipeline workflow using Nextflow.

Aimee Bettridge

Aimee's background encompasses clinical molecular microbiology, environmental bacteriology and mycology, in addition to plant biology of agricultural significance. Of importance, Aimee has tested and developed Illumina 16S rRNA gene sequencing and community fingerprinting for the routine screening of lung bacterial microbiota. She has also employed Illumina whole genome sequencing to better-characterise Achromobacter species through phylogenomics, pangenome analysis, SNP analysis, antimicrobial resistance and its virulence. In contrast, Aimee has exploited genome mining to determine the biosynthetic potential of both non-pathogenic and pathogenic bacteria. Aimee is also familiar with the analysis of transcriptomic data and qPCR data through studying climatic effects on forage grass gene expression. Aimee's key duties at WGP involves QC of sequence data in addition to bespoke analysis of NGS data.