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Brief Summary This study will test an investigational drug called AZD1390 in combination with radiation therapy for the treatment of brain tumors. This is the first time AZD1390 is being given to patients. This study will test safety, tolerability and PK (how the drug is absorbed, distributed and eliminated) of ascending doses of AZD1390 in combination with distinct regimens of radiation therapy. Detailed Description This first time-in patients (FTIP), open-label, multicentre study of AZD1390 will be conducted in the United States and in the United Kingdom, and it consists of three treatment arms: Arm A, B, C. This Phase 1 study will assess safety and tolerability of AZD1390 in combination with radiation therapy (RT) in brain malignancies. The combination cohorts have been designed to assess escalating cumulative doses of AZD1390 in settings with 3 different radiation treatment regimens: Arm A: 35 Gy over 2 weeks with intensity-modulated radiation therapy (IMRT)...

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Brief Summary The purpose of the study is to test how well patients with advanced solid tumors respond to treatment with elimusertib (BAY1895344) in combination with pembrolizumab. In addition researchers want to find for patients the optimal dose of elimusertib in combination with pembrolizumab, how the drug is tolerated and the way the body absorbs, distributes and discharges the drug. The study medication, elimusertib, works by blocking a substance (ATR Kinase) which is produced by the body and is important for the growth of tumor cells. Pembrolizumab is an immunologic checkpoint blocker that promotes an immune response against the tumor.

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