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A Phase 3b, open-label, single-arm, rollover study to evaluate the long-term safety of luspatercept, to the following subjects: Subjects receiving luspatercept on a parent protocol at the time of their transition to the rollover study, who tolerate the protocol-prescribed regimen in the parent trial and, in the opinion of the investigator, may derive clinical benefit in the opinion of the investigator from continuing treatment with luspatercept. Placebo arm subjects from parent protocol (at the time of unblinding or in follow-up) crossing over to luspatercept treatment (provided subjects have met all requirements for entering the rollover study as per the parent protocol). Subjects in the follow-up phase previously treated with luspatercept or placebo in the parent protocol will continue into long-term post-treatment follow-up in the rollover study until the follow-up commitments are met (unless they meet requirements as per parent protocol to cross-over to luspatercept treatment). The study design is divided...

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