Classic Hodgkin lymphoma

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A trial of nivolumab for Hodgkin lymphoma This trial is looking at whether nivolumab can improve treatment before a stem cell transplant for people with Hodgkin lymphoma.

 Classic Hodgkin lymphoma /  England

Posted 2 years ago by Wales Gene Park

EuroNet-PHL-C2: Second International Inter-Group Study for Classical Hodgkin's Lymphoma in Children and Adolescents Treatment for Hodgkin lymphoma is often very successful, and has given us high cure rates. Standard treatment is chemotherapy, and in children and young people, additional radiotherapy is sometimes needed. Unfortunately, radiotherapy can lead to long-term side effects, such as cardiovascular system disease and increased risk of secondary cancers later on in life. In this trial, researchers want to individually tailor treatment for each child and young person, effectively treating Hodgkin lymphoma, but avoiding over-treatment and thereby reducing the late side-effects. the main goal is to further reduce the use of radiotherapy, thereby avoiding the long-term side effects often seen with radiotherapy. The aim of this study is to: Reduce numbers of children needing radiotherapy and minimise the extent of irradiation Investigate if intensifying chemotherapy in children with intermediate/advanced Hodgkin lymphoma will compensate for the reduction in radiotherapy

 Classic Hodgkin lymphoma /  University Hospital of Wales

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