Fallopian Tube Cancer

Posted 1 year ago by Wales Gene Park

Brief Summary The overall aim of the study is to demonstrate a clinically meaningful extension of progression free survival using maintenance pembrolizumab. The aim of the translational research is to study the immune microenvironment before and during pembrolizumab therapy. Detailed Description This study aims to investigate the effect of maintenance pembrolizumab in patients who have undergone treatment with weekly paclitaxel for platinum-resistant recurrent ovarian cancer and have either responded or have not progressed after a minimum of 4 cycles of treatment. In this study patients will receive 3 weekly pembrolizumab until progression and the investigators will monitor the immune microenvironment by tumour biopsy and blood sampling before starting pembrolizumab and again before cycle 4 of treatment. The clinical endpoint will be to demonstrate a worthwhile improvement in the 6 month median PFS and to study possible predictive markers or response to pembrolizumab. This is a non-randomised phase II study, and...

 Fallopian Tube Cancer /  London

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