Intellectual disabilities and developmental delay

Posted 4 years ago by Wales Gene Park

Cerebra is a charity who support children across the UK with brain conditions, working in partnership with Cardiff University, they are dedicated to improving mental health services and information available to children with rare genetic developmental conditions such as DiGeorge Syndrome and Kleefstra Syndrome which cause individuals to experience neurodevelopmental problems. They are looking for parents of children with genetic developmental conditions, as well as voluntary support workers and clinicians who support these children and individuals involved in health care policy development and implementation to join their project advisory group. The group will meet around 3 times a year for members to discuss the projects development and give their input on how we should progress going forward. We feel that getting this level of input from representatives of these groups is extremely important to the success of our work so, please do not hesitate to contact Lowri O’Donovan, Research Associate...

 Intellectual disabilities and developmental delay /  Cardiff

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