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PETReA: A study to find out whether a PET-CT scan can help to tell who needs to have rituximab after the initial treatment for lymphoma. Follicular Lymphoma is a type of non Hodgkin lymphoma (NHL). Doctors usually put NHL into 2 groups, depending on how likely they are to grow and spread. The 2 groups are low grade and high grade NHL. Follicular lymphoma is a type of low grade NHL. For follicular lymphoma, you usually have treatment with a combination of cancer drugs. You might have one of the following: R-CHOP R-CVP bendamustine and rituximab (BR) This is called the induction treatment. After the induction treatment, you might have rituximab (R) alone. This is the maintenance phase. But having more treatment with rituximab doesn’t help everyone with follicular lymphoma. Doctors would like to know who needs to have rituximab after their initial treatment (induction). In this study, they are looking...

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Posted 2 years ago by Wales Gene Park

AUTO4-TL1: A trial of CAR T-cell for people with T cell lymphoma Researchers are looking at new ways to help people with relapsed or refractory T cell lymphoma. In this trial, they are looking at a new treatment called CAR T-cell. CAR T-cell treatment uses the T cells from your immune system. These cells are good at helping us fight infections, but they aren’t so good at recognising lymphoma cells. With this treatment, doctors collect your T cells and change them in the laboratory so that they recognise and attack the lymphoma cells that have the TRBC1 protein. These altered T cells are called AUTO4. This trial is in 2 parts. In part 1 doctors are looking for the best dose of AUTO4. This part is called dose escalation. In part 2, they will collect information about how well the treatment works. This is the dose expansion part.

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