Non-small cell lung cancer

Posted 2 years ago by Wales Gene Park

National Lung Matrix Trial: Multi-drug, genetic marker-directed, non-comparative, multi-centre, multi-arm phase II trial in non-small cell lung cancer The trial consists of a series of parallel multi-centre single arm Phase II trial arms, each testing an experimental targeted drug in a population stratified by multiple pre-specified actionable target putative biomarkers. The primary objective is to evaluate whether there is a signal of activity in each drug-(putative)biomarker cohort separately. A Bayesian adaptive design is adopted to achieve this objective. The trial is primarily an enrichment putative biomarker design, including patients who are positive for at least on of the actionable targets included in the trial. Patients who are positive for just one putative biomarker will receive the experimental targeted drug specific for that putative biomarker. Putative biomarkers within each drug cohort have been chosen such that in the majority of cases it is not expected that patients will be positive for...

 Non-small cell lung cancer /  Velindre Cancer Centre

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