Non-Specific Genetics

Posted 4 years ago by Wales Gene Park

The study seeks to further understand the experiences, sibling relationships, wellbeing and the needs of adults who have a brother or sister with a learning or developmental disability. By learning/developmental disability, we mean: Autism, Cerebral palsy, Fragile X syndrome, Down syndrome, genetic disorders etc. Your brother or sister may have one of these conditions, or several. We will refer to these conditions collectively as learning/developmental disabilities throughout this study. If you agree, you will complete an online survey about these topics. We also want to explore adult siblings' caregiving role or their expectations for caring in the future, as well as the support needs of siblings of people with intellectual/developmental disabilities. This is important, because it will help us consider ways to support the wellbeing of siblings of people with intellectual/developmental disabilities and to support whatever role they decide to take in the lives of their brothers and sisters.

 Non-Specific Genetics /  England

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