Oesophageal Varices

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Brief Summary To determine if carvedilol reduces the rate of variceal haemorrhage in patients with cirrhosis and small oesophageal varices Detailed Description Cirrhosis or liver scarring is an important problem in healthcare in the United Kingdom. 60,000 patients are living with this disease and about 11,000 people every year will die because of it. There are several ways in which patients with this severe form of liver disease become unwell or die and bleeding from the oesophagus or stomach is one. Cirrhosis causes pressure changes inside the abdomen and swelling of veins in the oesophagus (called "varices") which can bleed catastrophically. The investigators know that when varices are large, treatment can be initiated with medication called beta-blockers to reduce the pressure in the varices. If the varices are small, the medical community is not sure if treatment with beta-blockers will work. This study aims to address this uncertainty. Patients who...

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