Opsoclonus Myoclonus Syndrome

Posted 3 years ago by Wales Gene Park

Opsoclonus myoclonus syndrome (OMS) is a rare disorder of the nervous system (incidence 1/5 million/year) with onset usually in the second year of life. It presents as jerky movements of the eye (opsoclonus) and body (myoclonus), with ataxia, irritability and sleep disturbance, and is associated with subsequent learning, movement and behavioural problems. About 50% of children with OMS have an underlying neuroblastoma and it seems likely that it is an immune-mediated, sometimes paraneoplastic, condition. Steroids, often supplemented with other immunosuppressants, are the primary treatment but there is limited evidence for drug choice and dosage and little knowledge of the relationship between early symptomatic response and later cognitive outcome. This study will examine drug response of OMS children, with and without NB. 100 children (15 from the UK), recruited over 3 years across 8 European countries, will be treated with an escalating 3-step schedule. All will receive a pulse of dexamethasone...

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