Rare Bowel Cancers

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FOCUS4: A trial looking at different treatments for different types of bowel cancer Not all bowel cancers are the same and tests can be done on tumour samples from patients with bowel cancer that may help select the best treatment for that individual patient. There are a number of new cancer drugs that may be more beneficial in one type of bowel cancer than another. The FOCUS4 trial programme aims to recruit over 1500 patients at centres across the UK to evaluate how well these new cancer drugs work in different types of bowel cancer. Patients diagnosed with bowel cancer which is not removable by surgery or has spread to elsewhere in their body will be invited to join this programme of trials. Patients who decide to join will be started on a course of chemotherapy (a form of drug treatment aimed to kill the cancer cells) for up to...

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Posted 3 years ago by Wales Gene Park

CORGI 2: A study to find genes that might increase or reduce the risk of bowel cancer Colorectal cancer (CRC) remains an important cause of morbidity and mortality. Identifying those at higher risk is important in targeting preventive measures, such as screening colonoscopy, to those most likely to benefit. Much of the risk of CRC and its precursor lesions (mostly polyps) is genetic, but a great deal of the heritability of CRC remains unexplained. Some of the remaining genetic risk probably results from rare genes with large effects, some from uncommon genetic variants with moderate effects and some from common differences with modest or very modest effects. The sub-division between these categories is extremely difficult to predict in advance of successful searches for these genes. The principal aim of this study is to identify additional susceptibility genes for CRC and cancers genetically related to CRC, such as endometrial cancer. This...

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