Small cell lung cancer

Posted 3 years ago by Wales Gene Park

CHEMORES: A study to understand more about why chemotherapy to treat lung cancer can stop working This study will look for changes in blood and tissue samples before and after treatment for lung cancer, to try to find out how cancer cells stop themselves being harmed by treatment. Doctors may use surgery, radiotherapy, chemotherapy or another type of drug that targets lung cancer to treat this disease. Your treatment will depend on your type and stage of lung cancer. If you have non small cell lung cancer, you may have a combination of these. If you have small cell lung cancer, you would usually have chemotherapy. We know from research that cancer cells can become 'resistant’ to treatment. In lung cancer for example, cancer cells can sometimes reduce the concentration of the drug inside them, and repair DNA damage. And, develop changes in the genes in cancer cells that prevent the treatment from working. Understanding why resistance happens will help develop improved...

 Small cell lung cancer /  Manchester

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