Type I interferonopathies

Posted 3 years ago by Wales Gene Park

The immune system is complex and involves many chemicals, including type I interferon. The system must be finely balanced as too much interferon can itself cause ill health. Indeed, a change in one of several different genes can cause too much interferon to be produced. The problems that occur due to this differ depending upon which gene is changed, but can include problems with the brain, skin, lungs or bones. These conditions are called type I interferonopathies. For this study we are looking to collect detailed information about the long-term effects of having one of these types of conditions. We hope that by gaining more information about how these types of conditions develop, we will be able to provide better counselling for patients who have been diagnosed and also to design better treatments in the future. We will be approaching patients in 2 ways: New patients that present to their...

 Type I interferonopathies /  Cardiff University

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