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DIAMOND: A study looking at biomarkers in prostate, kidney, bladder and testicular cancer Some people have biomarkers that make them more vulnerable to develop certain types of cancer. In this study, doctors want to look for these biomarkers. They hope this information will help them: •learn more about the causes of cancer •develop better tests and treatments Everyone taking part gives blood, urine, poo and breath samples. Doctors may also ask for a tissue sample if you had, or are going to have, surgery. The main aim of this study is to look for biomarkers that might play a role in prostate, kidney, bladder and testicular cancer. Researchers are also looking for men who are going to have a biopsy to find out whether they have prostate cancer. This is part of a sub study called PRIM. Everyone taking part in the PRIM sub study has a blood test called...

 Prostate Cancer /  Bristol

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Brief Summary Multi-center, International, Prospective, Non comparative, Non randomized, Open label. 5,000 patients to be enrolled approximately worldwide. The objective of this registry is to collect safety and clinical performance post market data related to the procedure and follow-up of the Sorin Group aortic valve devices in accordance with the Instructions for Use (IFU). This observational global registry is intended to collect data without requiring any deviation from the standard of care and IFU in each participating center. The participating centers shall include those patients that have provided their informed consent to participate in this registry in accordance with the local applicable regulations.   Detailed Description SURE-AVR objective is to collect post market safety and performance data collected along the procedure and the relevant follow-up with Sorin Group aortic valve devices in accordance with the IFU to further evidence the safety and efficacy in a post-approval environment. All current and...

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Brief Summary This study is being performed as a post-approval safety study (PASS), per the Pharmacovigilance Risk Assessment Committee (PRAC) of the European Medicines Agency (EMA), to gather data on Translarna (ataluren) safety, effectiveness, and prescription patterns in routine clinical practice. Detailed Description This is a multicenter, observational study of participants receiving Translarna based on inclusion of their data in a registry. This study is intended to enroll 270 participants across ~50 care centers in Europe and other regions over a period of ~ 2 years. The study population will include participants who are receiving usual care treatment with commercial supply of Translarna (or receiving care within a named participant early access program) and who provide consent. Participants will be followed for at least 5 years from their date of enrollment. Safety and efficacy data will be collected in conjunction with routine visits conducted as per usual care. Although there...

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Brief Summary The reason for this study is to see if the study drug baricitinib is safe and effective in the treatment of JIA in participants ages 1 to 17. This study is for participants that have been enrolled in studies I4V-MC-JAHV (NCT03773978) or I4V-MC-JAHU.

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Brief Summary This study is for young children with severe hemophilia A who have previously not been treated with BAX855 or other FVIII concentrates. The main aim of the study is to check for side effects from treatment with BAX855. This includes the buildup of antibodies against FVIII which may stop BAX855 from working properly. Another aim is to learn how well BAX855 controls bleeding. In this study, the children can receive BAX855 either as preventative treatment (prophylaxis), or as needed to treat bleeding (on-demand). In case a participant develops antibodies, treatment will be provided as part of the study.

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