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The NIHR BioResource – Rare Diseases has been established to identify genetic causes of rare diseases, improve rates of diagnosis and to enable studies to develop and validate treatments; thus improving care for those with rare diseases and their families.

 Non-Specific Genetics /  Cambridge

Posted 1 year ago by Wales Gene Park

To assess brain tumours doctors can use scans such as an MRI scan. The MRI scan is good at showing where the tumour is and how big it is. But it can’t show other features of the tumour such as how fast it is growing. The researchers want to combine the MRI scan with another scan called a PET scan. They think that this combination might be better at showing these other features of the brain tumour. This information would be helpful when planning further tests or treatments. The main aim of this study is to see if the combination of an MRI scan and PET scan is better at giving more detailed information about a brain tumour than an MRI scan only.

 Diffuse intrinsic pontine glioma /  Cambridge

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