Dr. Andrew Fry
As a Clinical Geneticist with a research specialism in childhood neurodevelopmental disorders, Andrew leads the Wales Gene Park teams in deploying developments in genetics and genomics to aid research and the improve the lives of patients in Wales and beyond.
Dr. Karen Reed
Co-Director, Genomics for Research
Karen leads the research teams within Wales Gene Park who strive to make genomic technologies and expertise available to researchers across Wales. Her research interests encompass the use of pre-clinical models of disease to explore the critical molecular events which contribute to the initiation and progression of tumourigenesis (primarily within the intestine and liver).
Angela Burgess
Co-Director, Education and Engagement
Angela has lead the education and engagement activity within Wales Gene Park since its inception in 2002. With a background in science education, Angela and her team work to share knowledge of genetics and genomics as widely as possible and engage with and involve patients to inform and influence genomic research.