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HDClarity: a Multi-site Cerebrospinal Fluid Collection Initiative to Facilitate Therapeutic Development for Huntington’s Disease

HDClarity will seek at least 1200 research participants at different stages of Huntington’s disease (HD). The primary objective is to collect a high quality CSF sample for evaluation of biomarkers and pathways that will enable the development of novel treatments for HD. The secondary objective is to generate a high quality plasma sample collection matching the CSF collections, which will also be used to evaluate biomarkers and pathways of relevance to HD research and development.

All participants will attend a screening and sampling visit. During the screening visit, medical history, and clinical and phenotypic data will be obtained. Participants who meet the eligibility requirements are willing to continue in the study, will return for a sampling visit during which ≤20ml CSF and approximately 50ml blood will be collected following an overnight fast: blood will be obtained via venipuncture and CSF will be obtained via lumbar puncture using local anaesthetic if required. Some participants may be invited to return for an Optional Repeat Sampling Visit approximately 4-8 weeks later.

When participants have completed the Initial Sampling Visit, and Optional Repeat Sampling Visit, if relevant, their participation in HDClarity will be considered completed. However, participants may be invited to participate in the study multiple times, allowing at least 11 months between Screening Visits.

  • Study start date : 01/01/2017
  • Study end date : 01/04/2021
  • Wales-Based Study Contact : please speak to your clinician
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