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ATLANTIS: A trial of more treatment after chemotherapy for advanced urinary tract cancer


  • Inclusion Criteria :
    • You have urothelial cancer that started in the middle of the kidney (the renal pelvis), ureter, bladder or urethra Your cancer has spread to the wall of the tummy (abdomen) or between the hips (pelvis) or to the lymph nodes or elsewhere in the body
    • You have a type of cancer called transitional cell cancer or squamous cell cancer
    • You have had chemotherapy as the first treatment for the cancer spread and you have had between 4 and 8 cycles
    • There is a tissue sample available for the trial team to do some tests
    • It is possible to start trial treatment within 10 weeks of finishing chemotherapy
    • You are well enough to be up and about for at least half the day (performance status 0,1 or 2)
    • You are willing to use reliable contraception during treatment if there is any possibility you or your partner could become pregnant
    • You have satisfactory blood test results
    • You must be willing to use reliable contraception during treatment and for 4 months afterwards if there is any possibility you or your partner could become pregnant
    • You must be able to swallow tablets
    • You are at least 16 years old
  • Exclusion Criteria :
    • A scan showed your cancer got worse during the first chemotherapy you had for advanced cancer
    • You have had more than 1 course of chemotherapy for advanced cancer – you might still be able to take part if you had to change to a different type of chemotherapy due to bad side effects
    • It has been less than 3 weeks or more than 10 weeks since your last chemotherapy treatment
    • The trial doctor thinks further chemotherapy will help you
    • You are due to have surgery or radiotherapy after chemotherapy unless you are having radiotherapy to control symptoms – (palliative radiotherapy )
    • You have had major surgery or radiotherapy within 3 weeks of joining the trial or palliative radiotherapy within 2 weeks
    • You have had any other cancer in the last 2 years apart from carcinoma insitu of the cervix or non melanoma skin cancer that was successfully treated or early prostate cancer and you don’t need hormone treatment
    • Your kidneys, liver or other organs in the body aren’t working properly
    • You have had any other treatment as part of a clinical trial in the last 28 days
    • You have any other serious medical condition or mental health problem that the trial team think could affect you taking part
    • You are pregnant or breastfeeding
    • As well as the above, there are separate entry conditions for: cabozantinib or a dummy drug rucaparib or a dummy drug enzalutamide or a dummy drug
  • Study start date : 01/03/2017
  • Study end date : 30/07/2022
  • Wales-Based Study Contact : please speak to your clinician
  • Principal Investigator : Professor Robert Jones

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