Rolandic epilepsy / Posted 3 years ago

CASTLE – Changing Agendas on Sleep, Treatment and Learning in Childhood Epilepsy

The CASTLE study is focused on Rolandic epilepsy which is the most common type of epilepsy – affecting about one-sixth of all children with epilepsy in the UK – that means over 10,000 people! We use the simple term “rolandic epilepsy” although you may also hear it referred to as “benign rolandic epilepsy” or “benign childhood epilepsy with centrotemporal spikes.” Children with Rolandic epilepsy find that their learning, sleep, behaviour, self-esteem and mood are also often affected, and the condition can cause stress in the family.

  • Inclusion Criteria : Children diagnosed with rolandic epilepsy, who have an EEG that supports the diagnosis.
  • Wales-Based Study Contact : Not recruiting in Wales
  • Principal Investigator : Professor Deb Pal

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