Juvenile Arthritis Quantitative Imaging (JAQI)

 Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis / Posted 1 year ago

Brief Summary
This observational study aims to develop and validate quantitative magnetic resonance imaging biomarkers as measures of disease activity in juvenile idiopathic arthritis (JIA). This includes patients with enthesitis-related arthritis (ERA).
  • Inclusion Criteria :
    • Participant is willing and able to give informed consent for participation in the study.
    • For cases, patients will have clinical diagnosis of JIA: enthesitis-related arthropathy, extended oligoarthritis or polyarthritis (defined according to ILAR criteria)
    • For controls, patients will have a diagnosis of mechanical back pain (though to arise from muscles, bones, ligaments or discs), with normal inflammatory markers
    • Age 12-24
  • Exclusion Criteria :
    • Contra-indication to MRI scan (e.g. metal foreign object)
    • Unable to give consent
    • Unable to speak English
    • Unable to tolerate an MRI scan (e.g. due to claustrophobia, contrast allergy)
    • Renal or hepatic failure (eGFR < 30ml/min for renal failure, where applicable)
  • Study start date : January 2016
  • Study end date : January 2026
  • Wales-Based Study Contact : Please speak to your clinician
  • Principal Investigator : Margaret A Hall-Craggs, MBBS (University College London)
Contact details

Timothy JP Bray, MBBChir University College London Centre for Medical Imaging, London.London,England,NW12PG  Show Phone Number t.bray@ucl.ac.uk

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