Parkinson's Families Project (PFP)

 Rare types of Parkinson's disease / Posted 4 years ago

PFP is a UK wide study looking at finding new Parkinson’s genes so that we can understand the causes of the disease better and develop new treatments.

The study involves a single visit that takes about 2 hours. You can come in to the study site, or take part remotely if your local GP is able to collect blood samples for the project.

  • Inclusion Criteria : •Age over 15 years. •Either (1) Affected by Parkinson’s disease / Parkinsonism (PD) and either age at onset less than 45 years, or at least one first or second degree family member affected by PD (father, mother, sister, brother, child, grandparent, uncle aunt) Or (2) Relative of (1) affected or unaffected by PD
  • Exclusion Criteria : Lack of capacity to consent to participate in project.
  • Study start date : 30/03/2015
  • Study end date : 01/03/2027
  • Wales-Based Study Contact : Dr Pam Martin-Forbes
  • Principal Investigator : Prof Huw Morris

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