The application of novel technologies to identify new biomarkers for diagnosing and monitoring pulmonary diseases

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We hope to use new gene and protein technologies currently only available in Universities, to measure combinations of the most promising molecules and microbes(biomarkers) from sputum, blood, saliva, urine, pleural fluid and any biopsy samples from people attending hospital with lung diseases and compare them with samples from people with other lung diseases and healthy controls. Testing on samples which are more easily and safely obtained than deep biopsies and then applying newer cutting edge technologies we hope we can better detect and monitor lung cancer and Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD). We will also apply special ways of measuring and combinations of biomarkers rather than a single reading. The work applies high-throughput, automated so rapid and potentially more accurate and cost-effective detection “omics” technologies.

  • Inclusion Criteria : Clinical diagnosis of lung cancer, COPD or other pulmonary conditions (asthma, pneumonia, etc) suggested by the GP or hospital specialists. The participants must be aged eighteen or over. The participants must be able to provide valid informed consent and be willing and able to produce sputum or agree for venous blood to be collected/provide a urine sample.
  • Exclusion Criteria : Refused or unable to give informed consent. Less than 18 years old. Any contraindication suggested by medical specialist for exclusion from the research study (e.g. needle phobia).
  • Study start date : 25/01/2016
  • Study end date : 24/01/2026
  • Principal Investigator : Dr Keir Lewis

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